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   1.  Homemade Pancakes
   2.  Pancake Ingredients
   3.  Interesting Facts About Pancakes
   4.  Who made the first pancake
   5.  Where did pancakes originate from
   6.  The Original Pancake House
   7.  National Pancake Day
   8.  Why do we eat pancakes on a Shrove Tuesday
   9.  Pancake Houses In New York
   10.  Pancake Maker Machine
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   13.  Homemade Pancakes And Recipes
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   1.  A Basic Pancake Recipe for the Enthusiastic Cook
   2.  Banana White Chocolate Pancake Recipe
   3.  Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe
   4.  Gluten Free Pancake Recipe
   5.  Hazelnut and Chocolate Crepes Recipe
   6.  How To Make The Best Homemade Pancakes
   7.  How To Make Whole Wheat Pancakes
   8.  Lemon Pancake Recipe
   9.  Low Calorie Pancakes – a Recipe for People on a Diet
   10.  Low Carb Pancakes Recipe
   11.  Mashed Potato Pancake Recipe
   12.  Oatmeal Pancakes
   13.  Pancakes around the world
   14.  Potato Pancakes Recipe
   15.  Pumpkin Pancake Recipe
   16.  Strawberry Ricotta Pancake Recipe
   17.  The origins of Pancakes
   18.  Thin Pancakes Recipe

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Kitchen Tools For Making Pancakes

Find your favorite pancake recipe!

Our website is full of recipe for making pancakes at home but if you can't find the one you want there is another cool site that has over 25 different recipes - check out

Other Recipes

There are also a few other recipe websites that I would like to recommend. If you like waffles then go to, they have lots and lots of recipes for different waffles from Belgian to Liege. Then there is also this site that specializes in potato recipes and has a nice section on how to make potato pancakes, great for those leftover mashed potatoes - check them out!