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Aug 19, 2009

The origins of Pancakes

Pancakes, as we know them today have roots dating to ancient time. Foods very similar to pancakes were eaten by ancient Romans. They were made from milk, flour and eggs and spices. These pancakes were called “Alita Dolcia” what in Latin means another sweet. Roman pancakes were served with honey and fruits or with meat and cheese. Although, Roman pancakes may have been similar to what we call today a pancake, but actually the pancakes we eat nowadays, resemble more pancakes eaten in Medieval Europe.

First pancakes which were clearly distinguishable from plain breads are sweet ones mentioned by Apicius. These sweet pancakes were made from a batter of milk, eggs, and flour. And fried and served with honey and pepper. Later in 1430 English culinary manuscript mentions pancakes in a way which implies that term “pancake” was already known, but it wasn’t often included in early printed cookery books.

Pancakes are usually made on a griddle. The griddle method of cooking is older than oven baking. Making and eating pancakes developed many traditions. Throughout Europe pancakes had a place among Easter foods, specially on Shrove Tuesday- the last day before Lent.

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